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Buzzworks Restaurants

Buzzworks operates and manages a portfolio of award-winning restaurants and bars across Scotland. Energy is a key overhead and it is important that strong control measures are in place to help manage the associated costs. Monitoring hourly, daily, weekly usage can be relatively challenging.

The Scenario

Buzzworks has multiple restaurant sites and didn’t have the relevant, timely data to truly monitor the energy efficiency of each restaurant or the means to identify any seepage in terms of energy burn.

“A clear overview of our restaurants’ energy consumption allowed us to see best practices in action and introduce these measures right across the group.”

Buzzworks Restaurants

The Solution

ClearVUE.Zero was able to provide valuable data for Buzzworks, who developed efficiency strategies based on the analysis provided. Through the use of ClearVUE.Zero’s multi-site overview, the management quickly identified precise out-of-hours baseloads at the sites, offering a simple display of wasted energy usage during downtime. The simple display illustrated their restaurants’ relative consumptions – which ones were performing well and where energy consumption could likely be saved.

You can’t manage
what you can’t measure.

30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
Both are possible simultaneously with ClearVUE.Business.

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