Case Study

Alnwick Garden

This major leisure attraction is based in Northumberland, attracting national visitors through its famous tree house dining facility and beautiful water fountains. As a registered charity, funds needed careful planning to ensure stakeholders could see their investments were maximised.

The Problem

The facility had little indication of what was causing a significant energy baseload anomaly at night during downtime. Energy bills were excessively high and the leisure business was unable to identify what was causing the issue.

The Solution

ClearVUE. PRO illustrated the attraction’s water-fountain feature was presenting a needless cost by running the pump systems at night. ClearVUE. PRO illustrated the night-time energy consumption for their water-fountain feature had been costing £47, by running at night, when it wasn’t required. By turning motors off they made significant savings – reducing expenditure to just £4.26 per night, with estimating savings of up to £15,000 p/a.

What They Said

“We could proactively plan future energy costs through ClearVUE. PRO. Developing a close partnership has been paramount to help The Garden plan future budgets, save on energy bills and reduce emissions.

It’s all about avoiding high costs and reducing waste.  Sustainability is high on our list.”

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