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18 Nov

New Paris HQ for leading consultancy

Energies France, part of the Global Procurement Group (GPG), has signed a lease on a new Paris HQ, providing them with 5,400sqm of new office space – 4.5 times the size of its former HQ. Global...

18 Nov

Suez Canal Crisis – What did we learn?

The Suez Canal has long been a point of strategic importance, dating back to political tension in the crisis of 1956. Strategically it is the shortest ocean link between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean and...

18 Nov

Road to net zero

Net zero ambitions for UK businesses are accelerating. Are the plans already in place though that will get us to the sustainable future we want as quickly as we need? A more sustainable future is becoming...

18 Nov

Control consumption, carbon, costs

Energy management: what you need to know You already know what modern technology is capable of. We all depend on it. We’re impressed by same day deliveries, autonomous driving and 5G internet speeds. And now, you’ll...

18 Nov

No waste of time, or energy

The creative endeavours to find innovative new ways to improve sustainability and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels can boggle the mind. There have been some interesting headline seen across the spectrum. There have been studies...

18 Nov

How Businesses can meet targets

An Inconvenient Truth, the film by Al Gore about the irreversible global effects of climate change, is turning 15 this year. While many of Gore’s most shocking predictions turned out to be true, the population as...

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