Automated Scope 3 Emissions Accounting Coming to Net Zero Platform

The onus on businesses and organisations to commit to carbon emissions reporting has never been more pressing, with the global conference COP27 highlighting concerns over the race to lower carbon emissions to 43 percent by 2030. Governments at the global conference failed to agree to allow emissions to peak by 2025, despite experts warning that time is running out to make the changes needed to stop global temperature rises.

A key challenge for businesses looking to reduce their climate impact has been the capacity to capture data of their scope 3 emissions. These consist of all indirect emissions by companies, including emissions from supply chain partners, employee activity, material sourcing and end of life product treatment. These emissions are indirect and happen outside of the company premises, making them much more difficult to accurately measure. Many businesses’ scope 3 emissions account for more than 70 percent of their carbon footprint.

Net zero consultancy ClearVUE.Business has now unveiled a new Scope 3 Accounting module in its industry-leading energy and carbon accounting platform, ClearVUE.Zero, that will accurately measure all indirect and direct emissions produced by companies.

This is essential  for UK businesses, since government legislation on reporting emissions has become increasingly stringent. Businesses have been required to disclose scope 1 and 2 emissions for several years. Recently, it was confirmed that scope 3 emissions reporting will also be required.

ClearVUE.Business understands the taxing nature of all levels of emissions reporting, especially for scope 3. ClearVUE.Zero’s new feature will allow companies to measure and report these emissions in granual detail. Since the powerful energy and carbon accounting platform already measures scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, businesses will now be able to disclose their entire carbon footprint using ClearVUE.Zero.

Apart from being a strict requirement according to environmental legislation, emission reporting helps create transparency around the issue of climate change and raises awareness of the need for action.

Calculating and reporting scope 3 emissions will be one of the biggest challenges that companies face in the next few years. Without it, a company cannot claim to know the true environmental impact of their operations,” David Lloyd, Lead Energy and Sustainability Consultant for ClearVUE.Business, said. “Businesses tackling this problem now are taking a significant step towards reducing their polluting activities while staying ahead of ever tightening environmental laws.”

scope 3 accounting emex

ClearVUE.Business will also continue to offer expert guidance. Our sustainability consultants will look at the data and identify areas for lower upstream and downstream emissions as well as lower direct emissions so that businesses can move closer towards net zero targets.

Streamline your carbon emissions reporting and make sure your business is in line with current environmental legislation. Register your interest today to participate in the pre-release beta trials starting in April 2023.

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