50% Chance We Hit 1.5 Degrees Warming in the Next Five Years – World Meteorological Organisation

On 9 May 2022, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) issued a new climate update with startling implications. 

The update states there is a 50 percent chance of global warming reaching the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold, agreed during the 2015 Paris Climate Accords, in the next five years. 

“The chance of temporarily exceeding 1.5°C has risen steadily since 2015, when it was close to zero. For the years between 2017 and 2021, there was a 10% chance of exceedance. That probability has increased to nearly 50% for the 2022-2026 period.”

The annual update from the WMO gathers the insight and expertise of climate scientists around the world and uses the best prediction systems from leading climate centres. 

WMO Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas warns that as long as we emit carbon at our current rate, global average temperatures will continue to climb rapidly. 

For as long as we continue to emit greenhouse gases, temperatures will continue to rise. And alongside that, our oceans will continue to become warmer and more acidic, sea ice and glaciers will continue to melt, sea level will continue to rise and our weather will become more extreme. Arctic warming is disproportionately high and what happens in the Arctic affects all of us.

Other findings from the update

The update concluded with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s findings that “climate-related risks for natural and human systems are higher for global warming of 1.5°C than at present, but lower than at 2°C.”

Dr Leon Hermanson, leader of the report, said: 

Our latest climate predictions show that continued global temperature rise will continue, with an even chance that one of the years between 2022 and 2026 will exceed 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels. A single year of exceedance above 1.5 °C does not mean we have breached the iconic threshold of the Paris Agreement, but it does reveal that we are edging ever closer to a situation where 1.5 °C could be exceeded for an extended period.

Our response

Director of Energy Services for ClearVUE, Dan Smith finds the WMO’s climate update to be terrifying and “shattering news”. 

He said:

“The WMO’s climate update stating the 50 percent chance we’ll reach the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold within the next five years is simply shattering news. The seriousness and perilous nature of the battle with climate change has been well known for many years by specialists working in the field.

“Hopefully this report by the WMO, and many other reports that are available telling much the same story, will be more widely publicised to educate the whole population about the seriousness of the issue. Only then can a sufficient weight of pressure be brought on the main culprits, namely fossil fuel companies and governments, to change our ways to avoid the worst aspects of climate change before it is too late.”

Dan Smith, Director of Energy Services at ClearVUE Systems.

How can businesses tackle climate change?

Businesses are essential to the mission of negating the disastrous effects of climate change. The business sector alone accounts for 18% of all CO2 emissions in the UK, creating almost 66 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2018. 

On a positive note, ClearVUE’s energy management technologies and services allow businesses to implement and visualise their net zero strategies, transforming the looming climate threat into a unique opportunity.

ClearVUE is tailored to give businesses everything they need to act decisively in how they use their energy to cut on carbon emissions as well as costs. 

Dan Smith continued:

“Businesses have a huge role to play in defeating the climate crisis. Every business has a responsibility to set a carbon net zero pledge and then successfully honour that pledge. 

“The first action in any net zero journey must be to radically reduce carbon emissions, and here at ClearVUE we have the skills and technology to help businesses achieve this, from setting pledges and strategies to using our ClearVUE energy and carbon emissions monitoring and accounting system. I look forward to working with engaged businesses to make a real difference.”

ClearVUE equips businesses to tackle climate change

Businesses across the world need to take the lead in fighting climate change. ClearVUE is the energy and net zero consultancy that businesses need to take on this fight. 

We are ensuring that businesses are equipped to become more sustainable and resilient operations. We guide them on the pathway to meeting their net zero goals to help save our planet. This is accomplished through our comprehensive energy management, net zero, legislation and compliance, and engineering consultancy services.

Additionally, we have carbon footprinting, net zero advisory and strategy delivery. And, energy awareness services that guide businesses to a smooth transformation into a more sustainable and resilient operation that is on the pathway to meeting their net zero goals. All of this is supported by powerful data analytics through our ClearVUE solution.

Contact us today to start your journey to net zero and future proof your business and our planet.

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