There is no Plan-et B. Future-proof your business and our planet.

We enable businesses to become a more sustainable and resilient operation and guide them on the pathway to meeting their net zero goals to help save our planet. We accomplish this through our comprehensive energy management, net zero, legislation and compliance, and engineering consultancy services.

Net Zero Energy & Environmental Consultancy

We deliver bespoke and on-demand energy management and Net Zero consultancy services that will lead your business towards a more sustainable, efficient energy future. We help you in all aspects of how you use your energy, from energy audits, to strategy building, feasibility studies, net zero pledge development, and more.

Net Zero & Sustainability Consultancy

Our carbon baseline, net zero advisory and strategy delivery, and energy awareness services enable your business to smoothly transform into a more sustainable and resilient operation that is on the pathway to meeting your net zero goals. We help you visualise and enact an action plan that proactively targets energy efficiency improvements – all supported by powerful data analytics through our ClearVUE solution.

Compliance & Legislation

We remove the hassle and burden found when dealing with energy and climate compliance and legislation. We sort out what is required and beneficial for you to report on when disclosing your net zero goals and the impact your business has on the environment. Our Energy Services department oversees all matters related to business carbon assessments and energy compliance, including ESOS, SECR, DEC, and TCFD.

Our Technologies

Achieving net zero will require a wholesale transformation of energy systems and how businesses consume energy. Knowing where and how to start decarbonisation can be the biggest hurdle for businesses. Our ClearVUE energy management technologies help businesses understand their energy data, enable them to cut energy waste, and help them achieve their net zero carbon goals.

Engineering Services

We can help you optimise how you consume your business energy so that you can achieve greater cost savings and succeed in your climate goals. We offer site surveys, asset upgrades, renewable installations, feasibility studies, and energy management software training and support.

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