There's No Plan(et) B


We provide organisations all they need to help us avert the climate crisis.

We work with companies across all sectors to define and execute their carbon reduction and energy efficiency strategies that are contingent on their wider ESG initiatives. Through comprehensive energy and carbon assessments and strategy building and implementation services — underpinned by industry-leading energy and carbon management technology — we are creating revolutionary solutions for businesses to eradicate their impact on the climate one step at a time.

There is no plan(et) B.

We must all act now to avert the climate crisis.

net zero consulting

This is our 5-point plan to help you
discover, address, and eliminate your climate impact:

engage net zero consultants
STAGE 1 Discovery

Our sustainability and environmental consultants will work with your business to understand and evaluate your current energy and carbon policies within your present ESG strategy. We help put ambition into action for your business to achieve net zero carbon emissions. We will also forecast your current and future energy and carbon reporting requirements and sector-specific regulations.

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STAGE 2 Baselining

We will set the framework in which your long-term net zero strategy will take place. We do this by establishing the operational and organisational structures and boundaries that your baseline emissions and energy consumption throughout your value chain will be measured. We conduct complete carbon and energy audits across all sites to determine your impact on the climate.

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carbon emissions reduction baseline
carbon reduction strategy
STAGE 3 Strategy Development

We create a robust strategy using science-based targeting metrics that focuses on carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and climate risk mitigation for your business. We will assist your company in identifying the appropriate net zero approach that is compatible with your wider sustainability goals. Our consultants will work with you to establish monitoring and performance metrics to help you stay on course to net zero.

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STAGE 4 Net Zero Roadmap

We develop a detailed, science-based action plan that will direct your business into becoming a sustainable organisation and help it deliver on its net zero, energy, and environmental targets. Our net zero consultants will identify key stakeholders who will help you along your journey, as well as scope your budget and project requirements.

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design net zero roadmap
implement net zero strategy
STAGE 5 Programme Delivery

We provide continual consultation and technical support to ensure you are in command of achieving your net zero strategy, ensuring that your data-driven climate action is evident to all your stakeholders. We assist your business with compliance reports and risk disclosures, provide recommendations for carbon offsetting, and offer marketing efforts to promote your net zero journey.

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